Buy These 4 Toys If You Have Balls

Buy These 4 Toys If You Have Balls

by Janice Lee

All men are born with an exceptional pair of balls, but have you ever wondered why the testicles never gets their credit when it comes to providing pleasure?

This season, I would like to spread the joy and share with you 4 sex toys to try if you have balls.  Like literally - you do not need to be brave or courageous to use them.  Let's start the balls rolling right away.

Frisky Bunny Rechargeable Vibrating Ring - Vedo


There's a reason why everyone is in love with our Frisky Bunny Rechargeable Vibrating Ring.  This has topped our chart as a bestseller in 2018 for the penis ring category.  We love how versatile this ring can be, used alone or couple play.  This upgraded version even comes in a fun perfectly purple shade.  If you still prefer the evergreen look, you can always opt for our black pearl option too.


Scorpio Ring Chain cock, ball and anal chain delivers where others can’t. Measuring 15″ and made from silky smooth silicone, scorpio™ is stretchy enough to fit any girth. Simply, slide your cock through the top c-ring, drop your sack through second lasso, then slide the anal beads into your corn-hole and you’re good to go. This single piece cock, ball and anal chain will keep you harder and longer for lasting pleasure.


Always wanted to stay harder longer?  Well, it's no longer a dream anymore with our stretchy cock rings.  Cock rings are designed to restrict the bloodflow out of your penis to make it last longer for better sex or even masterbation.  

Bolt C-Ring Set | Vedo


The classic Bolt C-Ring Set from Vedo can be worn alone or wear all 3 at the same time for a more intense constriction.  Enjoy a reliable snug enhancing erection with our unique Bolt Trio design for maximum comfort and all 3 rings are tastefully designed with a big pull-up tab for easy and quick removal post-sex.

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