How To Enjoy Anal Play

by Michelle Lee

How To Enjoy Anal Play

There is an increasing trend of straight men saying "Yes" to playing with their butts. We have now moved away from the era where men are scared to embrace their fetish for anal sex and getting all skittish when we talk about butt stuff.

We would like to share some helpful hints and tips on how sex toys can improve sexual health. Let's deep dive into some reasons why prostate stimulation is healthy for men. Dating back to the 1980s to 1990s period, men repels at the idea of anal sex. Time have changed and men are learning to explore their own sexuality and enjoying the vibes more these days. How many times have you requested anal sex from your partner when your woman actually enjoyed vaginal sex more.

Lubes are essential for making anal play amazing. Different types of lubricants are readily available in the market, from oil based to water based. Click here for our Guide On How To Choose The Best Lube. There are no hard and fast rules on what one should do to enjoy anal sex. It's a mind blowing experience that you need to go through yourself. We can only share a couple of tips for you to enjoy the ride, ultimately, you have to give it a go yourself.

Let's start with a basic cleaning regimen habit and stick to it for basic health care reasons to rid you off any risk of bacteria infection or sexually transmitted infections. Cleaning frequently gives you a fuss free anal sex experience. Simple cleaning in the shower with your fingers are sufficient, or you can go ahead to use a douching bulb or enema. The last thing you want is to perform anal sex with an ass full of shit.

It to always have an open conversation with your partner about sexual health and histories before you indulge into any anal play to eliminate the risk of sexually transmitted disease that can happen during anal sex when there is an open wound or cut. You want to always be careful and remember to stop when you see blood. It maybe a sign that you are not using enough lube or you are simply too rough. Anal sex causes tiny tears called micro-fissures and these are gateways for any HIV transmissions, and can cause sexually transmitted infections (STI).

Prostate orgasm are generally more intense for men and it is not limited to gay men sex only. Men or women, the asshole is a natural biological source of sensation. Start with the external anal stimulation to gently caress your anus area while your partner goes down on you. Bring the tongue tip to the anal opening in a slow, circular motion or an up and down motion. Pay attention to your partner moans and experiment with different speed and motions to see what works best.

Now, when both of you are feeling relaxed, try to penetrate the anal hole with your tonuge and continue with the motion until your partner is ready for deeper pentration. It is okay to start slow without any kind of pentration the first few times and work your way up. Move on to the next step by slowly introducing anal toys to experience full blown pegging.

Some of our couples followers have mentioned that anal play helped change the dynamics of their sex life as long as both of you are ready for an open conversation. As much as we try to soften the taboo of a straight man fingering anal play, be really sensitive when you bring up the subject initially for the first time. Not everyone is comfortable with such experiments. The next time an opportunity arises for someone knocking on the backdoor, we hope you are ready and know what to to. Most importantly, relax and enjoy the ride. Click here to check out our range of sex toys for men and subscirbe to our newsletters for more tips and offers in Vedo Singapore.

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