How To Use A Butt Plug

How To Use A Butt Plug

by Janice Lee

Butt plugs are made of different materials to arouse different sensations.  Let’s explore the different options together and find out which suits you best.  Silicone is one of the most common materials and medical grade silicon butt plugs are highly recommended as it has a good amount of flexibility, and it’s a great introductory toy for anal play.

Crystal or glass butt plugs looks visually appealing to the eyes, but you do want to buy from a responsible vendor as it’s a nightmare when the butt plug is not reinforced enough, and it breaks during the play process.

Stainless steel butt plugs are great for people who want to explore temperature play.  However, they babies are not recommended for beginners as they are much heavier compared to the other materials and they are not flexible at all.

Anyone, regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation can enjoy a great butt plug.  You can consider using them for masturbation, dual pleasure during intimate times, or even during a date in public.  Let your creativity run wild with butt plugs.

Some butt plugs come with vibration features and this brings new dimensions to your anal play.  Different butt plugs have the vibration placed at different areas.  Some butt plugs have the vibration at the base of the toy while others may have it at the tip of the plug.  These two variation of butt plugs work differently as the first option may not vibrate hard enough to reach the erogenous zones deep within the body while the later option can easily transfer vibration to the men prostate or the g spot in women.


With all these knowledge in your fingertips, playing with butt plug is fun.  Anal play doesn't have to be intimidating and complex if you are willing to explore something new, either by yourself or with your partner.  Furthermore, these toys can be used to pleasure both men and women, no matter what your gender is, there is always something for you.  The plug is designed to stimulate the men's prostate and women can easily experience pleasure as the plug increases pressure on the back of the vaginal wall.  The butt plug adds more intense sensation to the anus, giving you an unforgetable climax to end the play.   

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