Tips To Introduce Sex Toys To Your Partner

Tips To Introduce Sex Toys To Your Partner

by Michelle Lee

Many people shy away from sex toys because they are afraid of bringing up the subject to their partner and not knowing how their partner would react is simply daunting. We totally understand, and you can always start with something gentle like a blind fold or an intimate massage and see how your partner responds. Talk to your partner about your interests and desires. Create an open-minded and positive conversation as this is not the time for you to disgruntle about how dissatisfied your sex life is and drop the blame game. Otherwise, stay cosy in bed and watch sex and the city together. Be your partner personal massager if you like to start teasing first. Remeber, if you choose to only focus on your needs, and emphasize on what your sex life is lacking, then most partners immediate reaction would be defensive. However, when you choose a different approach and say, " I think it'll be really hot if you used a vibrator on me." or " It felt so good when you touched me there. I'll love to spice it up with some lubes or vibrations the next time." then you would have turned a taboo topic around and made it really sexy.

Now that you have started a light and fun conversation, it's time to take your wonderful sex life to the next level. It's fun to explore the possibility of adding sex toys into the bedroom. It's amazing to feel so safe and comfortable with your partner that you are both eager to try something new and kinky. A good introductory toy would be a small one, that doesn't look like a penis, hence it's less threatening. Your man won't feel comfortable if he feels "replaced". Some men love to be in control while some men gets excited when the woman is in control. It really does take some experimenting to find out which type your partner falls into. Conversely, if you are the man, and wish to supplement your sex life with some interesting sex toys, it's great to start with sexy sex toys, that will appeal to her visually. This way, you can satisfy both her curiosity and desire greatly. 

Most couples start with Peach Rechargeable Egg as she can wear the egg in her, while he controls the remote control. Makes it super sexy when both of you are out having dinner. Peach Rechargeable Egg gives you spot stimulation and you can also play with different vibration modes.

Remember these great tips:

  • Talk about sex openly between the both of you
  • Be playful during the exploration process
  • Pick the right toy together
Luckily, in Vedo, we carry a few varieties of fun and "non-threatening" sex toys for beginners.  Peach Rechargable Egg delivers discreet and gratifying experience.  It's pretty and sleek in design.  
Another great design that you'll like to try is Ayu Finger Vibes.  Feel the vibes deliver toe-curling sensations.  Designed to perfectly fit your finger tip, this is great for couples or going solo.  Let your imagination run wild with the aid of sex toys.  Start playing and exploring today.


 Experimenting with sex toy is a gradual process, coupled with the right sex toys and open communication, it is a great addition to your bedroom routines.  Selecting the right sex toys that works for both partners is crucial.  You simply do not want to scare your partner during the experimental phase and the fun is gone before it has even started.

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