What Is A Butt Plug

What Is A Butt Plug

by Michelle Lee

Butt plugs have increasingly gained popularity among sex toys for anal play.  The ingenious design of a butt plug allows a hands-free anal stimulation for prolonged periods of time and this is also one of the main reasons why it has received much acceptance for a lot of buyers these days.

Butt plug is an amazing sex toy as it allows partners to focus on each other, or it could be used alone as a solo toy.  Butt plugs are versatile for solo play and couple play, whichever way you like it, this toy is bound to work surprises for you. Let your creativity come into play when experimenting with butt plugs.  Butt plugs are not just limited to anal sex, it's also great for vaginal intercourse and works well for all types of genital play.  If you have worn the butt plug correctly, it should sit comfortably and not be taken out until the play is over.  Butt plugs comes in various shapes and sizes, and it's pretty to identify them.

Here's a tip or two:

All butt plugs come with a bulb, a neck and a flared base.   Generally, most of the plugs are round and flare at the tip and it slowly widens progressively until it reaches the widest point.  The butt plug will then start to narrow down below the widest point and the neck is usually the slimmest point so the anal sphincter will hug the plug upon full insertion.  The base of the plug is generally round or flared base.  This design allows for a comfortable fit and keeps the butt plug securly in place, even when you are walking, sleeping or dancing.

Check out How To Use A Butt Plug if you have not bought one before.  I'm sure you'll be excited to try one out yourself.

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