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Welcome to Vēdo

Vēdo is Singapore's only sex toy shop that sells both online and offline.  We hope to inspire women all over the world to play and explore at the same time, bringing new heights to their usual boring sex reigeme.  VēDO develops and manufactures intimate lifestyle products. Our designers and engineers are dedicated to developing toys that are not only beautiful, but also help you achieve your ultimate sexual experience. The goal behind the complex engineering of all our designs are to always deliver a high performance product, remain environmentally friendly and body safe. VēDO offers quality products at affordable prices.

Our mission is dedicated to enhancing sexual wellness as part of overall well being.  We believe in self care, through playing and exploring to understand our bodies better.  In our journey to inspire better sex life, we like to bring more love and intimacy into everyday life through our talks and events.  Play is our source of inspiration at work and we hope to empower as many people as possible to have a better sex life.  


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