Essential Tips To Clean Your Sex Toys

Hello Peeps,

We know you are extremely excited to start buzzing away.  But hang on, here's some essential tips to clean your sex tops.  Follow these simple steps and you are guaranteed to prolong the shelf life of your sex toy.

We encourage regular cleaning to keep your sex toys material and motors in good shape so that they can serve you well longer, and most importantly, we want to keep germs away so that you won't run into a risk of getting yeast or bacteria infection.

Check the packaging to see what your toy is made of and follow the care instructions on the box.  It is a good habit to wash your toys after every use, and of course, preferably before you use them too.  Mild  or anti-bacteria soap without fragrance is usually preferred for washing as scented soap may leave a residue and it may irritate your gentials when you use them.  Boil your toys if you are sharing it with your partner as you would want to disinfect them thoroughly. Be mindful not to dunk your sex toy fully submerged in a pail of water and forget about it.  Hold it under a running tap with warm water and wash it for a few minutes and wipe dry with a clean cloth.

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